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Institutional Relations

Illinois State University Police Department (ISUPD) and its sister state university police forces were established by the Illinois General Assembly. The three other state police entities created by the state legislature are: The State Police, the State Conservation Police, and the Secretary of State Police.

Illinois State University Police enforce state and federal law and make referrals to Student Conduct and Conflict Resolution when university policies are violated. The jurisdiction of ISUPD is countywide and we routinely assists the Bloomington Police, McLean County Sheriff’s Police, and Normal Police Departments.

The University Police work routinely with the following law-enforcement agencies: Normal Police Department, Bloomington Police Department, McLean County Sheriff’s Police, Illinois State Police, McLean County State’s Attorney, Illinois Wesleyan Security, and the FBI. We exchange information on a monthly basis on area chiefs meetings with these agencies. We have maintained such cooperation with all ranks within these institutions from chief to street patrol officers.

University Police detectives also meet with detectives of other law enforcement agencies in the county on a regular basis to share information on crimes, discuss regional gang problems, and promote collective intelligence.

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