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Frequently Asked Questions

How will I patrol the campus? 

All STOP members will serve as a two person patrol team. Should an odd number of members be present, there will be a three person team. No STOP member will ever patrol by themselves.

Will STOP be calling in parties? 

No. STOP is NOT “party patrol.” The primary purpose of STOP is to help make the ISU campus safer for everyone by reporting criminal acts and providing a visible deterrence for crime.

Will STOP be working during semester breaks or holidays?

No. We will not be offering STOP services during the Summer, Fall break , Winter break, or Spring break.

Do I have to be a Criminal Justice major?

No. Any student that meets the above requirements can join STOP.

Are STOP members employees of the police department?

No.  While STOP members work closely with and under the supervision of the police department, they are not employees.

Is this a paid position?

STOP is currently a volunteer only organization.  Recognition is achieved through the Presidents Service Awards, training opportunities, career enhancement, and the satisfaction in knowing that you make a difference.

What hours will STOP work?

The hours may vary, but are generally Thursdays through Saturdays consisting of one shift 9:00pm to 1:00am and possibly another shift from 11:00 pm to 3:00 am.

How will STOP report crimes?

STOP members will be assigned a radio with direct contact to the police department.

Will STOP count as volunteer hours for my class?

It depends on individual faculty members. Applicants are encouraged to discuss volunteer requirements withfaculty prior to enrolling in STOP.

Will STOP have bicycles or vehicles to use?

Not at this time, though it may be considered in the future.

Who are the STOP Advisors?

STOP advisors are sworn officers selected by the Chief of Police at the ISU Police Department.  The advisors are responsible for the selection and background checks of all applicants, creation of policies and procedures, training, and overall supervision of the STOP program.

How can I apply?

Complete the  online application  and submit it to the ISU Police. You will be notified once the application has been approved.

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