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Authority & Relations

Illinois State University Police enforce state and federal laws as well as make referrals to Student Conduct and Community Responsibilities when university policies are violated.

Because ISUPD was established by the Illinois General Assembly, our jurisdiction is statewide, but we focus our attention to life and property, on campus. We routinely assist the Normal Police, Bloomington Police, and McLean County Sheriff’s Police Departments upon their request. Other agencies we routinely work with include the Illinois State Police, McLean County State’s Attorney, and the FBI.

Law Enforcement Authority

110 ILCS 705/8(K)

The Illinois State University Police Department obtains its authority from the Illinois Compiled Statutes, 110 ILCS 675/20-45 (11).

To appoint, subject to the applicable civil service law, persons to be members of the Illinois State University Police Department. Members of the police department shall be conservators of the peace and as such have all powers possessed by policemen in cities and sheriffs, including the power of arrests on view or warrants of violations of state statutes, university rules and regulations, and city or country ordinances, except that they may exercise such powers only within counties where-in Illinois State University and any of its branches or properties are located when such is required for the protection of university properties and interests, and its students and personnel, and otherwise, within such counties, when requested by appropriate state or local law enforcement officials.