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Complaints and Compliments

Filing a Complaint

The Illinois State University Police Department strives to uphold high standards of integrity and professionalism for all personnel. As such, we encourage those who have a complaint against an officer for alleged misconduct or improper handling of an incident to contact the ISU Police Department. Generally, complaints against personnel should be received by a supervisor of a higher rank than the officer receiving the complaint. For cases in which an officer of higher rank is not on duty, the complainant may be referred to another supervisor.

The complaint form linked below is provided to assist a citizen in creating this affidavit. ISU Police also provides Notary Public services at no cost to the citizen to assist them with the affidavit. All sworn affidavits filed with ISU Police will be thoroughly investigated and the citizen will receive written communication at the conclusion of the investigation. If a complainant should decline to provide a sworn affidavit, the complaint may be investigated at the discretion of the Chief of Police (or designee).

Citizen Complaint Form

NOTE: It is a criminal offense to knowingly file a false police report.

Providing a Compliment

Another important piece to upholding high standards of integrity and professionalism is recognizing when officers meet and exceed these expectations. If you would like to tell us of an instance in which ISUPD personnel met or exceeded your expectations, please call, email, or visit the department.

Illinois State University Police Department
Nelson Smith Building, Room 105
718 West College Avenue
Normal, Illinois 61790-9240
(309) 438-8631