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Community Engagement Unit

The Community Engagement Unit (CEU) was founded in 2019 with a primary focus of engaging and educating the campus community. The Unit consists of one sergeant, two officers, and one Pawfficer Sage. Learn more about the Unit's work on the Community Engagement Unit webpage.

CEU Numbers

ISU Police Advisory Council

Chief Woodruff formed the ISU Police Advisory Council (ISU PAC) in 2020. The purpose of the ISU PAC is to provide a forum for the exchange of ideas and to discuss issues impacting the Illinois State University community. These discussions are to be open, honest, and engaging in order to be as beneficial to all participants as possible. The ISU PAC is intended to act in a proactive manner to:

  1. Build trust between the ISU Police Department and the campus community;
  2. Address campus community concerns related to quality of life;
  3. Discuss issues related to campus climate;
  4. Discuss issues affecting public safety;
  5. Discuss crime reduction programs with emphasis on the community policing philosophy;
  6. Discuss evidence-based practices and criminal justice research; and,
  7. Discuss how to improve upon the delivery of police services to the campus community.

The ISU PAC includes students, faculty, and staff from across campus and is currently chaired by Mboka Mwilambwe, Assistant Director in the Office of Equal Opportunity and Access. If you have any questions about the ISU PAC, please contact us at