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Request Records

The Illinois Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) provides public access to government documents and records. As a public body, Illinois State University is required to comply with FOIA. FOIA requires that records, regardless of physical form, possessed by or under the control of any public body be made accessible to anyone who wishes to see them, except as otherwise provided in the Act.

To request a police record, please complete as many fields as possible on the FOIA Request Form and forward to Physical copies of this form are available for completion at the Illinois State University Police Department.

Fees for responding to FOIA  requests is permitted by the Act (5 ILCS 140/6).  Fees will be charged as described below:

  • Paper copies – black & white, letter and legal sized copies will be provided at no cost for the first fifty (50) pages. Each additional page will cost 15 cents per page. 
  • Responses provided by CD/DVD, tape, USB drive, or other medium: Requestor will be charged for the actual cost of the recording medium
  • Voluminous Request: If a voluminous request is for electronic records and those records are kept in a portable document format, a requestor may be charged $20.00 up to 80 megabytes of data, $40.00 for data in excess of 80 megabytes but less than 160 megabytes, and $100.00 for data in excess of 160 megabytes.  For voluminous requests requesting electronic records that are not kept in a portable document format, the University may charge $20 for not more than 2 megabytes of data, $40 for more than 2 megabytes but not more than 4 megabytes and $100 for more than 4 megabytes of data.
  • Commercial Requests: Commercial purpose requests may be charged $10 for each hour searching and retrieving a record, and for time spent on redaction; provided however, that no fees may be charged for the first eight hours.

Questions regarding requests can be directed to the Illinois State University Police Department or to Public Records Officer Molly Hartrup.

Molly Hartrup
Campus Box 1000
Normal, Illinois 61790-1000

Illinois State University Police Department
Nelson Smith Building, Room 105
718 West College Avenue
Normal, Illinois 61790-9240